When You Need Northridge AC Same Day Service


Those of use who live in and around Northridge CA know things are about to get hot. You need an AC, heat pump, or other cooling device that can go the distant the hot months will ask of it. However, this isn’t always the case. In some instances, you need AC services that very day. Below, we will show you which ones take priority.

1. Safety Issues

It is essential you contact a professional any time you suspect a safety issue. These can include anything from coolant leaks to funny smells, especially for those of you who use gas powered devices. In these cases, turn off the gas if you know how and leave the property immediately. Call a professional to come inspect the units before returning to the property.

2. Breakdown on a Hot Day

An AC breakdown on a hot day cannot only be uncomfortable, it can be dangerous. This is especially true for occupants with underlying health conditions who cannot tolerate high temperatures. It is important to get your cooling system up and running as soon as possible. You may have to move the occupants, turn on fans, or utilize a smaller cooling system in these cases.

3. Imminent Breakdown

You know your unit better than anyone else. Funny smells, noises, and other signs can mean it is about to fail. You don’t want to wait weeks or even days to see the issue. A few signs of an air conditioner that is about to fail include:

  • Excessive shaking.
  • Loud or strange noises.
  • Constant running.
  • Not running enough.
  • Spike in energy bills.
  • Taking too long to cool.

Some of these issues may be minor and can be easily fixed. However, some of these issues mean a breakdown is coming sooner rather than later. Those of you with older cooling units may find that a repair may be on par with a replacement. You will want to have all the information on repair versus replace, including a few estimates, before making your decision.

Click here to see a video on warning signs that your air conditioner may be about to fail.

Northridge AC Same Day Service

These are just some of the times you may need Northridge same day AC service. Be sure to contact a trusted provider in the Northridge or your own area who can provide you with a professional, honest estimate on quality emergency AC repairs who stands behind their work. Feel free to contact us to get top of the line same day service in Northridge, Calabasas, Reseda, Encino, and the surrounding areas.