How to Maintain Your Freezer and Keep Problem Free.

How to Maintain Your Freezer and Keep Problem Free

Your freezer needs maintenance as much as your refrigerator does. We have some tips below to show you how to maintain your freezer and keep problem-free.

  1. If you have a manual defrost freezer once there’s approximately more than a half-inch you’ll need to defrost it. Doing this will help ensure the freezer’s longevity.
  2. If you are defrosting your freezer make sure you have cleared the drain and hole. Unplug the freezer and wipe clean
  3. As in our other post about refrigerators, make sure to clean the condenser coils. Dust, and clean appropriately.
  4. Maintaining the proper temperature most recommended 0°

Maintain Your Freezer in North Hills

Follow the tips above and your freezer will have a long life. If however, you do have a problem be sure and call GIV Appliance and HVAC Repair at